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Ok, the Giants put both feet in our @ss. We laid our egg for the year, every good team does once a year. Now it is time to start getting ready for the Iggles. I want all the REAL fans who still love the Skins to get there early. We need to welcome all the Iggles fans to the tailgate. We need to set the atmosphere at FedEx. Come kick off, we need to have the place in pure uproar. I wnat to know that on TV, the picture is bouncing up and down. I want us to drown out every E-A-G-bs chant they start. It is time, Redskins fans, to get the ball rolling for the second half of the season. The fans need to make a statement to the team and the nation. NO ONE COMES TO DC AND WALKS AWAY!!

And if you don't like the Skins because they laid an egg, we don't need you.

:eaglesuck :applause: :eaglesuck :applause: :eaglesuck :cheers:

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