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Where will we find new DL people?


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Seems like our entire DL is now banged up, with griffin possiblly out next week and barely playing today, Joe Sasodasdjaosdaos (Sp?) hurt, Daniels banged up, both DL inactives hurt. So heres the deal, are there any free agent DL out there that might be worth considering? obviously if they are not playing right now they are probably at the bottom of the barrell but it looks like the skins are going to have to sign someone or do something. any ideas?


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We don't have to sign anyone. We already have the personnel we need. Yeah, not having Griffin will hurt but Boschetti and Killings are already pretty good run-stuffers although they won't put a lot of pressure on the QB. Losing Daniels is an open blessing. Now, Demetric Evans will get more playing time. Hopefully Daniels is out for a few weeks just to let the coaching staff see how much better Demetric Evans is. We may also get to see guys like Aki Jones get extensive playing time.

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