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This game was lost due to a symphonic combination of factors . . .


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1. The Mara factor. Whatever it may have had, the Giants came out to play today. They meant business. Period.

2. We didn't. We looked like we were staring at the offensive and defensive rankings and hoping that that would pan out for us. We came out flat. These two factors are more than enough to spell out a loss for us.

3. We had no focus or concentration. That spelled out in dropped passes and fumbles.

4. You can't discount the Hasselbeck and Pierce factors. How much? That's anyone's guess. However, at least as to Gibbs' offense, he doesn't change it much. Anyone remember Joe Theismann announcing from the booth and actually calling what the plays would be?

5. Injuries. Samuels. Portis. Maybe even Brunell with his calf. Those really didn't help either.

The fortunate things about all this is that most if not all of this is fixable. And we'd better fix it for next week with the Eagles.

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It just so happens it was against an emotionaly charged team that was inspired by their owner. The giants had EVERYthing to play for/motavating them this week. Between their owner, the division, geting dissed all week by the experts picking against them, and Pierce looking to prove something against his old team desperately wanting to beat them... They had every thing they were playing for. Just a little more than we did.

We had too many dropped passes, turn overs and missed tackles. We just made too many mistakes. We didn't do the regular fundamentals right and it cost us. They need to go back to the basics and execute.

Another note as to why they did so well today: Both Matt Hasslebeck and Antonio Peirce knows both or our playbooks. It's very possible that they were sharing that info with the coaches of the Giants and the rest of the players. After all, they did seem to have an answer for every thing we tried. I'll put alot of weight to that theory because they sure did seem to beat us on every phase of the game on every thing we tried.

Another thing is the fact that Greg Williams has some issues with his packages. Every week we get gashed in THE EXACT SAME SPOT on the Defense (The right outside gap inside the Corner) and it contiued this week. It's about time this issue was addressed and something was done about it. Put your best players on the field! Like Brian Mitchell said, package this, scheme that. Just fix it and put your best players on the field to stop it.

If they do that, then we'll be alright. But they didn't fix it this week, and that's a major reason why we lost.

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the only factor that i want to know is how much did they pay the redskins to play this badly, i can't believe we lost that bad. i'm really up set that they just give it away, just because the giants owner past away.

You know, sometimes I honestly wonder if games are thrown or paid off by the NFL just for a feal good story. Same with Nascar. For example Earnhardt Jr.'s win at Daytona after his fathers death. Same with the AFC Championship Snow Bowl with the tuck rule with the Patriots and Raiders in 2001 after the September 11th tragidies. They sure did promote the Patriot name after 9/11. Even the Superbowl had it as it's central theme.

You might call me crazy, but the evidence can make you wonder.

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