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Buddy Bags anyone?


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To me, this game was reminiscent of the infamous "body bag" game against the Eagles back in 1990. We were banged up going into the game, and things only got worse. Things were so bad that Brian Mitchell was actually playing quarterback at the end of the game. The situations are similar; the Redskins were playing a divisional game at an incredibly unfriendly stadium, they were physically beaten to a pulp, and everyone declared the Redskins to be "done" afterwards.... But there is hope.

The Redskins met the Eagles in the NFC Wild Card game later that year, and were a totally different team. We beat them in every aspect of the game, winning 20-6. Everyone in Washington referred to it as the "Buddy Bag" game in memory that useless lump on manure that was coaching them at the time. So the moral of the story is.... Joe Gibbs teams recover from losses like this one. They've done it before and can do it again. Just remember, the Giants have to come to our house later this year. There is hope so keep your heads up.

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