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We are undefeated at home when the lions come to town..


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I came accross this by accident. I thought it was kind of interesting to say the least.


Detroit Lions

Owned By

Road Games at Washington

Did you know that the Lions have never won a game in Washington? That’s never. And it isn’t as if the Lions and Redskins are expansion teams. Hell, Detroit has been making road trips to Washington since 1939. And in all that time the Lions still haven’t figured out a way to win there. In fact, Detroit is 0-20 at Washington, including three lopsided playoff losses. The schedule hasn’t worked out in favor of the Lions in this case either; Detroit won three NFL Championships during the decade of the ‘50s, during which the Redskins were among the dregs of football; yet Detroit made just one trip to the capital that decade, in 1956. The Lions lost, 18-17. The Lions don’t have the Redskins on the schedule this year, so their quest to stopped being OWNED in DC is going to have to wait until 2006, at least.


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