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Redskins early 1.5 point underdog


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Tough, tough call.

Both teams of very bad losses where they were basically dominated in every way.

Both teams are going to want to bounce back in a major way.

Early edge to Washington though because they will be at home.

Back-to-back roadies are never good, although Philly doesnt lose 2 in a row that often.

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It'll take some distance from what happened today before I can even think about a prediction. I'm not worried about anyone here at ES, but I just hope there isn't a segment of FedEx that could turn on this team quickly Sunday night. We've got to let this week go, and make sure our team has a 100% homefield advantage.

McNabb continues to astound me too. I keep thinking, eventually this guy's gotta quit. At least for a week or two. But he goes out there every week and competes. I hate the Eagles, but I respect the hell out of McNabb's toughness.

We're in similar situations after this week, but I think the Redskins were quite a bit more "owned." More to prove? Maybe. Ability to prove it? I hope so.

Like I said though, this team needs to see that even though they played like :pooh: this week, the bush league bunch is totally behind them.

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It is such a big game for Washington. First, we have to defend our home turf against a very tough division opponent. Second, in order to stay in this division race we cannot lose 2 straight against divisional teams (especially can't lose at home). Third, we go on the road to face Tampa Bay in two weeks, so if we don't win, the season could turn ugly real quick.

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