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Broncos sign Marc Fischer


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I liked Fischer as a backup. He could play for stretches at both Center and Guard. Right now, our only center is a guy who's a converted guard, albeit one who seems to be performing well right now. I remain concerned about our interior line.

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I think Fischer would have been resigned if he was really a step away from being a starting caliber player.

Mark is an injury prone guy who has missed entire seasons and portions of others.

At 26, I think we have seen the best and worst of him. At best he was serviceable for a few games, at worst he was a guy that at 293 got thrown around by solid interior defenders each week.

I think the Brandt retirement hurt the Redskins because David was a young guy with some upside that played at a major school and showed he could tough things out with Marty. As a UDFA, he also came cheap.

He waited until camp to retire and left the team in the lurch.

If we had known his intention back in April we could have done something about it.

Now, we are scrambling to find a center AND a guard. :mad:

Tucker is supposedly understudying at center, but he has yet to show he has got the guard or tackle spots fully down yet.

Asking a 23 year old UDFA to come in and save our bacon at a position almost completely new to him is asking a bit much.

If Mark Stepnoski is still available as a backup candidate I might consider signing him to a one-year deal.

At age 33, I think he can still play, albeit not for 16 games. And if Moore had to move outside to cover another injury, Mark could step in and do a credible job for 2 or 3 weeks. :)

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