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With the right attitude, this is why we can beat Philadelphia


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We have played very well against the pass so far this year and all the Eagles can do is pass the ball. McNabb is also hurt so they don't even do that very well.

Manning: 11/31; 146 Yards; 1 TD; 1 Int

Smith: 8/16; 92 Yards; 0 TD; 1 Int

Green: 15/25; 181 Yards; 1 TD

Plummer: 10/25; 92 Yards; 1 TD

Hasselbeck: 26/38; 242 Yards; 1 TD

Bledsoe: 21/36; 261 Yards; 1 TD

Orton: 15/28; 141 Yards; 1 Int

That's a 53.5 Completion percentage and 165 passing yards a game. I would be surprised if we were not #1 in the NFL in pass defense (who cares that it comes at the expense of our rush defense--which gets run over every week).

Comsidering that the Eagles only pass the ball, I think we're in good shape next week. Then Again, I trusted the statistics last week.

With all of that said, I don't see this team coming out flat next week. We'll be really fired up for the Eagles on National TV. I don't expect another let down next week (even if not expecting it is necessary for a let down).

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Please don't rely on stats...today showed how much faith you can have in that.

It's only Sunday night, but I've got a good feeling about next weeks game.

Gibbs and Co. will have the boys pumped for a Sunday night game.

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My heart says the skins will play better and win, but my brain says they will loose. Who has a better shot of loosing 2 in a row? Do i need to say? Injuries+penalties+lack of focus+lack of energy+eagles coming of a loss=Skins loose. I'm not pesimistic, just a realist.

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Philly sucks. They got clobbered by Dallas and then had two weeks to prepare for San Diego and still should've lost. Then they get the snot kicked out of them by Denver. They ain't crap.

If we don't beat them, we really are in trouble.

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