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Arnok Vanquish

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So many excuses, so many frustrations, so many ridiculous outcries for benchings and firings and whatnot, all for one game!! This is the ONLY thing I have to say about this game. After ONE quarter, ONE, it was 6 -0. YET Portis had a TOTAL of 4 carries in the game. F........O........U........R!!! You go on the road, in a divisional game, for first place, and although you have 3 turnovers, you NEVER try and ESTABLISH the run, you deserve to get your a** handed to you! 6-0 after 1st quarter, 19-0 at halftime. We give our #1 RB 4 carries in the WHOLE game!! I saw him get dinged up, get his bell rung a bit, but, if Gibbs who I will follow to my grave, feels he is playing to be the best offense in the league by throwing 52 times a game, instead of playing JOE GIBBS smash mouth run the ball 25 times a game football, ESPECIALLY on the road, then we will lose more games. This is just one game, and we will see the Gaints again. Lets hope when we do, we actually try and run the ball, instead of making excuses about being down by a whole bunch, or our O-line sucks or whatever the excuse is for not giving it to Portis more than F.......O......U......R! times a game! I don't want to be the number 1 offense in yardage in the league, I want to be the number 1 most balanced offense in the league, because we WILL win more games that way. We have already proven that!!!!:eaglesuck ;) :gaintsuck ;)

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