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Welcome back Chicken Little


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You must have been away due to your new movie.

We really didnt miss you while you were away, though most of us forgot that you were still in the barnyard waiting for a moment to call attention to yourself by screaming that the sky is definitely falling.

You were most likely scratching at some corn during the performances that left our favorite team at the #2 O and #4 D prior to the brutal whipping that sometimes happens in a lopsided game ruled by emotion so strong that it could be felt by the TV audience at home.

You maybe missed the top flight performances of our new star receiver and our over the hill QB.

Your mathmatical prowess is shown when you fail to realize that 4 wins is actually better than 3 losses.

We are all wondering if this is a temporary visit or if you will hang around here regardless of W's or L's.

We wonder if you are a true Skins fan who has been galvanized into something stronger than an average NFL fan by means of hardship and trials or just a fly by night bird, who cannot fly away.

I wish chickens could fly. Then you would have the chance to migrate back to what must be the most depressed and sad place to be in...

The land of no hopes nor dreams.


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