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LOL Denver running up the score now


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I am sorry, but I have to call BS. As a Broncos fan I can tell you guys don't know what you are talking about right now.

Mike most of the time does not run up the score. Most blow outs under him will stop about the 30s. Rarely do we see him keep going. Most of the time we get to the 40s with our backups.

I am glad he ran up the score because we have had troubles in the 4th. It is what almost got us killed against you and the Pats, It was what did get us killed against the Giants, and finally we stop playing that stupid prevent defense against the Eagles.

The Eagles already came back from 28-0 to make it 28-21 in that game and not to mention that is how the Eagles won against almost all of our AFC West rivals. We weren't going to take any chances this time. This was one score we needed to run up.

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Good Philly deserves it. They are a pack of losers.

5 straight playoff appearences

4 straight NFC East titles

Defending NFC Champions

Are you sure they're "a pack of losers"?

Maybe the annoying Eagle fans "deserve" it, but not the players. With the exception of TO and maybe Trotter they are a classy group. These aren't Buddy's Eagles anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they lost the game and I hope the Skins paste them next week, but running the ball instead of just kneeling with seconds left is just bush league stuff on the part of Shanahan and the Broncos.

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