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Ode to the Redskins


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(Comm-) Ode to the Redskins

The Redskins lost

Oh yes it's true

and all us fans are in mourning

Whatever will we do?

Gibbs is dumb-struck

Gregg Williams is in awe

Why did it suddenly become so hard

to hold on the dag-burned ball!!

Fumbles, interceptions, and miscues

Maybe it's a bad luck fairy

or maybe the Giants just found

a great big gap in the 'Skins secondary!

And where the heck was Lavar?

Our "big play" guy?

He must've been under the benches

taking a snooze on the sly.

And Brunell, Brunell, Brunell

Where did your glory go?

So afraid to run, to scramble

ya know, sometimes you really blow.

They beat us up real bad

We never thought they'd dare

Put so many fine Redskins

all up in Intensive Care!

We've got some tough games ahead

A few more wins would mean a lot

Come Redskins, you know we love ya

Now #$%* or get off the pot!!!!

(I hope that wasn't too vulgar; sorry folks but I'm just mad!)

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