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Chris Samuels = "The Human Revolving Door"


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This thread is somewhat reactionary to the beating that we just took, but it also is about the opinion that I have never thought of Samuels as a top-tier LT.

Given the amount of money he is making, he is not even close to being a top 5 LT in this league. Why is that in 2 games this year, he has turned 2 defenders into Pro-Bowl players? In K.C., the d lineman becomes player of the week and this week, Usemori(?) should be this week's defensive player of the week.

Left tackles are supposed to be your best lineman. He always looks slow against the speed rushers and then not strong enough against the big DE.

Your thoughts?

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Samuels is a good, not great LT that benefited from a stellar college career then being in the right place at the right time when we needed salary cap space. He's not awful but we could be worse off.

That much became obvious when Ray Brown came into the game and got literally run over on his first play. Samuels may not be great but we'd better hope and pray he's able to come back ASAP.

I was wondering why Brown was backing up Samuels but the announcers pointed out that Molinaro was inactive this week. I'd bet he's active next week whether Samuels is able to play or not.;)

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