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You have got to be kidding me!


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So much for the playoffs. When this team needs a big performance we fall flat on our face.

GODDAMN I hate Tiki Barber. A average to low average back who kills us.

The curse of the last decade or so is still here and I don't think Gibbs can cure it!

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This has got to be the worst loss I can remember since that Monday night blow-out by SF in 98.

I hate Tiki Barber with a passion. But he can't be blamed for all the yards he had today. The Skins are just getting worse and worse when it comes to tackling this season. And what's with LaVar falling off of Shockey and letting him get a TD? And Walt Harris not bringing down Toomer on the sideline?

I think we might have had a chance to get back in it until Betts fumbled the return to start the 2nd half.

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Was it just me or were the redskins playing to lose today??

Looked like no one wanted to even be there. hell Brunell couldn't get out of his own shadow today, I think the next time the offense thinks it is going to score 52 points don't! Try saving some for the next game..I think what we saw today was a case of the big head let down..

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