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When the day is all said and done, we'll only be 1 game out of 1st place,

with NINE games left. That's more than half the season.

We'll be 1-1 in the division, 3-0 at home, 4-1 in the conference.

Marcus Washington was quoted last week, after we mugged the 9ers 52-17,

as saying "That was an aberration. Every game here-on is a dogfight".

Well, ladies and gentleman, THIS week was just as much of an aberration as

last weeks' 35 point margin. We're not as good as we looked last week. And we're not as bad as we looked this week. Our heart will go on.

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We came into N.Y. with big heads when we've been a team all year that has gotten lucky. We need to really put this loss in focus and come to play against Philly next week!

I was just going to add that, at least we can use this to get fired up against Philly, a team I'd much rather beat, than the Giants.

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