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At What Point Do You Consider Putting In Ramsey??...

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Jeez, a drop by Royal and then a false start....now a sack. This could've been a good day to stay in bed. :doh: I again stand by what I said that our receivers lathered themselves in butter.

And then added a coat of Crisco just to be on the safe side... :doh:

Hell, if it gets to be 42-0, Giants, might as well put in the back-ups, if just for practice reps and to keep the starters from getting injured...

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Has Ramsey ever failed to throw for 100 yards (playing a full, nearly-full game), even in the very worst days of the Spurrier regime?

How many pass yards do we have today?! It looks just like last year. And our passing game looks SCARED, every aspect and player in it.

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