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A Friendly Sunday Of Football

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"A friendly Sunday of football..."

That's what the Fox announcers called it.

It's a little too damn friendly, if you ask me! I don't like seeing Redskins players saying hi to the Giants on the field during the game. I especially don't like what I saw in the first quarter: After one of our three-and-outs, more than one Redskins went out of his way to greet buddies on the Giants following the third down play.

There is no place for that, in the middle of the game.

These guys might like and respect each other. That's fine, six days a week. But on game day, we've got to put that aside and hate their guts. We've got to want to destroy these ****s, if we're going to have any chance at winning. And I just don't see that from our guys today.

If I were the coach, any player who exchanges friendly greetings with the opposition would get benched immediately, and not go back in the game for at least a series or two. If he does it again, he's done for the day. Do it again in another game, and you're cut.

Football is not a friendly game.

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