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Worst 3-0 ever


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BTW, I do want to keep score of this particular line.

Anybody remember who it was that said the Skins were "the worst 3-0 team in NFL history"?

In a season (so far) full of media disrespect, I do think that one deserves particular rememberance.

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A whole lot of people has said it Don Banks, Tom Jackson, Dr Z, Chris Carter, Dan Marino, Terrell Davis , we can go on and on people still disrespecting this team they still not getting the credit that they deserve let them continue to win and just let the doubters think whatever they want :gaintsuck

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Well,... Don Banks is saying now that the Redskins are showing their true colors after this Giants game. (check out his latest snap judgements column on the SI site) It is so easy for some writers to just "pile on" after a lopsided game. The fact is the Redskins aren't this bad and the Giants aren't that good.

Have faith in Gibbs.

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are you serious? we looked like a bunch of high school girls jv soccer players out there today.. the past few games have been close(except sf), but then to come in the meadowlands and be embarrassed like that.. what kinda playoff/ superbowl team loses like this? :( yeah ok.. its one thing for brunell to have a bad game, but moss, cooley, portis, and the d? there is something desperately wrong here.. maybe its the ego's.. maybe not.. but i hope gibbs and williams get this crap straightened out.

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Yeah, here's what Bank's says about us:

Your Washington Redskins, ladies and gentlemen, 4-3, and headed for 4-5. With Philadelphia and at Tampa Bay on the schedule the coming two weeks, things are going to get worse, Skins fans. Washington, and especially Mark Brunell, have overachieved this season. But that 36-0 shellacking the Redskins took at Giants Stadium convinces me they're starting to find their level.

I don't want to intimate that Washington wasn't competitive in its first-place NFC East showdown against the Giants, but at one point early in the second quarter, New York held the following statistical advantages:

Total offensive yards: 199-1

Offensive plays: 29-9

Average gain per play: a 6.9 to 0.1

Rushing yards: 146-6

Passing yards: 53 to minus-5

First downs: 10-0

Time of possession: 13:34-3:55

And it didn't get a lot better as the day went on. Yikes.

Starting to find their level. Pfffttt, what a schmuck. Tampa loses to the 49ers and they're just going to kill us, huh Don?

Reading the media is worse than watching the game. I swear, I try not to let them get under my skin, but aaarrrggghhh, I can't help it.

They just love to say, "I told you so."

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Well guys I hate to say it but that 3-0 isnt loking so great now. since then we've gone 1-3 and that win was against the Niners. I'm so depressed right now I could cry.

Hey, it hurts when your team is exposed don't it? The 2003 Cowboys for example. Of course, we did still make the playoffs...:D

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