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Micheal Strahan's biggest issue


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If anyone reading this is somehow personally connected to strahan, can you please tell him to visit a dentist. With the amount of money he earns,you would think he would be able to address the grand canyon sized issue between his 2 front teeth. In the words of Eddie Murphy, i don't know wether to smile at him or kick a feild goal.Thank you for your time. :gaintsuck

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i mean it is pretty funny to look at, but if he likes it that way, let him leave it. Other than the season him and Favre staged the Sack record for him, i have respect for the guy, been an overall class act. Im sure if he really wanted it changed, he woulda done it by now.

Do you really think he'll make the hall? I dunno, he played in the time of Bruce Smith and Reggie White, so one wonders.

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