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Safety Question


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i dont think it matters, both are playing well, bowen this year has impressed me

Bowen takes at least 2 horribly atrocious angles a game. He took the worst angle ever on the Priest Holmes 60 yard screen-pass scamper. He took a terrible angle on the long Tatum Bell run, and probably (although I wasn't really paying much attention at that point) took a horrible angle on the Frank Gore run. The only Redskins' game I've attended in the past few years was the Sunday night game in Miami, where Chris Chambers took one to the house on a screen pass. The culprit? You guessed it, a mind-numbingly awful angle by Matt Bowen.

Clark is twice the player Bowen is.

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i remember bowen covering keyshawn pretty well and he also did a good job the last 3 games, an angle for tackling is different than pass coverage, every1 takes bad angles sometimes, i think hes bounced back from that knee injury, and clark hasnt done that much in pass coverage, i dont remembered any passes defensed for him, anyways on the matter of the safety position, taylor will be there the whole time and theyre gonna rotate all three of the other safeties, and theyre gonna be using one of these safeties to double shockey with the lb on 3rd downs

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