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Post your Halloween Pics!!


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I was a Miller Lite Referee... Me and my roommate got into some trouble though... We flagged some goofy looking dude for having a "disproportionally hot girlfriend"

Had the rest of the party in tears though...

We got out of control with those flags.

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Sounds like you had fun! When are you coming back to DC for a game?

I wanted to make it to the Niners game... But lack of funds/lack of people to go with made me change that route. I'm still going to try to get out there this year, I'm targetting the Raiders game...

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went to a decade party....my decade was the 80s. The shirt is an authentic 80s piece from some vintage store in Georgetown. Hideous.

I go to one of those vintage places all the time, the walk in closet me and the wife share ;)

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