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Gads! There's a scarey line.

"unofficial and subject to change"

Now there would be reason to :cuss:

Oh and iheart. I had to know myself. Guess it does mean no football in a way.

What do the white areas mean?

Welcome to the world of blackout rules. The short answer is: no game at all. This can be due to one of two rules: a) no games can air at the same time as a local team's home game on another network, or B) if a game is blacked out because it doesn't sell out, the network with the doubleheader can only show one game. I don't agree with them either.

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Huh, no one has mentioned this, but....you notice the red areas of eastern Montana, South Dakaota, and Nebraka? Would those be Native-American reservation areas? I just can't think of any other reason why that area would get this game and not another.

What I think is funny though is how the "east-coast bias" of the Skins-Giants game dominates the west coast.

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