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Flamboyant Homosexual + Ratboy = Hilarious!!!

Johnny Punani2

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OMG! I know that guy, he lived in Las Vegas in the same apartments as me. My brother knew him cause they went to the same high school. That guy at the age of 15 would walk around with some little bird on his shoulder and let the bird take a crap, it was nasty. Once he came over to talk to my mom cause he was cool with my mother and he tried to grab my brothers butt, so my brother clocked him in the face and the head with a pot in the kitchen. I couldnt believe that was him holy cow, that is so funny, he got so scared on tv like a sissy girl. That was a classic and very hilarious! The guy on tv should be about 26 my brothers age.

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Anyone who watches that show scare tactics knows that it is the best show on TV, well, maybe that is streching it, but it is DAMN GOOD.

I totally agree. I think it's the funniest show out there. I saw one episode where this guy was trying to scare his friend, and he was working in this warehouse...the friend came to visit him and the guy setting it up told his friend to watch this box that was moving and snarling (with some sort of creature in it) while he left the room for a second. The friend was like, "uhhh will it be okay?"

When the guy left the room, the box started jumping and the lights turned off and these sirens started going off. The dude was SO scared, he was running around while the "creature" chased him. Ohhhh my God you have to see it. That one and the Bigfoot one when they're in a camper and this THING comes to the window....

damn, I'm in the mood to watch this ish now.

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