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Yahoo Chat??


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Stupid question, I'm new to the site and I can't find the answer. Does extremeskins do a IM chat during the game? or is it just the game thread?

It seems like IM would be much more convenient than a thread during the game. Then the chat transcript could be posted after the game.

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I'm "bangahaha" on yahoo chat (I don't use that email address, tho)

You're welcome to add me, I added you today, but I should tell you I keep my settings invisible.

Due to my cartoons, I am on about a thousand people's friend's lists I think.. I don't mind folks having me on their list, but I've found that if I come online without being invisible, it's like an open invitation for everyone to say hi and want to start up a conversation.

I hate mentioning that stuff, it always sounds like I'm full of myself. But it is true that if am online and not invisible, I can't get any work done due to cotinuous PMs.. "When's the next cartoon, what is it going to be about, here's what it SHOULD be about.. etc etc.

My own messenger has four people on the list, and I keep it set to only accept messages from those folks... lots of jackoffs out there like to send bombs, booters, laggers, all sorts of stuff. It's been many more times than once that some anonymous jerk has sent me a quick message that says something about me making fun of their team, then boom, I get hammered with email bombs, invitation bombs, PM bombs.. and i lose whatever I'm working on.

BUT, I will see your messages, and knowing you're an Extremeskins pal, I'll answer. Maybe we can set up a Skins chat or something. Any of you, if you came into the NFL chatroom, you'd have a good time. Lots of laughs in there, and some very knowledgeable folks to talk football with. (Also a bunch of idiots too, but they can be good for a laugh or three. there's always a good few Cowboys clowns to make fun of.. "Ignore" is a wonderful feature.)

Stop in and say hey! Like I said, most days you'll find me in there at some time or another, and if I'm not, just ask where Bang is,, someone will tell you. we could use some good Redskins fans in there..


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