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:dallasuck Last night i went to a club in DC called 1223 with some old friends from highschool. Sure enough, one of my friends i havent seen since highschool brought his sister with him and his sisters boyfriend is Bryson Spinner. The man is big, (compared to me at least). I asked him how the whole experience was going to training camp and he said it was good and all but making the team was his main goal so he was a little disapointed in that regard. He says he knows he will make a team in the NFL but this year wasnet the his year. He got paid i didnt ask him how much but he got some money for being in camp. He said he has been in contact with the Bucs and might tryout next season with them. Thought it was kind of cool i got to hang out with him last night. :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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