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Oct. 28: Chris Samuels

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Chris was able to fit us in a very short window for as many questions as I could throw at him. He tried to rescue himself by coming over to the charcoal, realizing it's better to lie than to admit to cooking with gas :).

Chris Samuels, Oct. 26, 2005

From LiveStrongSkins

When it comes to running the ball what are the benefits of power football over zone blocking? All we ever hear is how a zone blocking scheme is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Chris Samuels:

You know what? I actually like zone blocking a little bit better because it allows you to fly off the ball full speed and if the guy pinches from in front of you to the inside, you don’t worry about it because you’ve got your Left Guard right in your hip pocket. So I kind of lean towards the zone blocking. It’s a little bit easier.


Hey Chris,

First, thank you for being a Redskin, and we all owe a thanks and a big sigh of relief that you have decided to remain a Redskin for life. You're clearly a player that embodies Redskins tradition, and we're all excited to have you on this team.

That being said, tell us a funny Buges story. Come on, go ahead. You know he doesn't read stuff on the Internet. Pull no punches. :)

Thanks again for your effort.

Chris Samuels:

A good Bugel story? God…there’s so many of them really. I don’t know, maybe how he gets up there and makes these funny expressions with his face, and he jumps around. He might say something like ‘Don’t go out there with your high heels on, like you’ve got pink panties on! Go out there and hit the guy!’, or something like that. I don’t really have one particular story, there’s just so many things he’s done throughout the past. He’s a funny guy though.

From Woolley83

First of all thanks for all of the hard work, it has certainly paid off these first weeks. I was wondering who is the toughest player you've ever gone up against?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Chris Samuels:

The toughest player? It used to be Hugh Douglas. But now I would have to say Rucker with the Carolina Panthers.

From Chrisbob74

From one Chris to another.......

What do you think Coach Bugel has helped you most with since his arrival? What parts of your game do you think you could improve upon?

Chris Samuels:

I think he’s helped me out most with my technique. You know, when Spurrier was here, I kind of developed some bad habits. But when Coach Bugel came in, he addressed those. I was dropping my head on pass protection, and my hands were too wide, and that was the first thing he addressed. It took me awhile, but eventually I bought into the system and the technique that he was teaching me and its helped my game out tremendously. And things I need to work on? I would have to say everything. I mean there’s no one thing I’m just perfect at so I just focus on every part of my game.

From dawgjk9

Chris, you are playing great this year...maybe the best i've seen out of you. Definitely one of the top 2 or 3 tackles in the league along with Jon Jansen..anyway, my question is does Bill Musgrave have more to do with the newfound success of this offense then we really think? to me it sees as if his addition has not only sparked Brunell, but the whole offense. Go beat up on the Giants and keep playing at the level that you are playing at.


Chris Samuels:

I think it’s a little bit of everything, but I would definitely say that he’s helped us out a whole lot. He’s a good coach. He’s working with everybody every day and he brought in some good philosophy. I would say it’s a plus for us to have him.

From Skinsphoto

Great Job this year!

Does Mark Brunell call the shotgun formation at the line, in the huddle or does it come from the sideline? Who calls the line protections and are they changed at the line of scrimmage? Is there a lot of flexibility for calls at the line of scrimmage?

Continue to have a great year!

Chris Samuels:

I think that it’s called from the line of scrimmage, but different situations on the field, Mark has the flexibility to go out of the shotgun if he wants to. And right before the ball snaps, the center, he’s kind of like the quarterback of the offensive line, he’ll make all the calls and kind of direct the protection, and offensive tackles, we also make calls and help out too.

From santanamoss89

Ok, you are a great player. so there’s one question that needs to be answered and here it is:

charcoal or gas?


tom rogers

Chris Samuels:

Uhhh…I would have to say gas. (extreme groans). Okay…then charcoal.


Hey Chris,

While on the field at KC & being able to experience the field level noise, what did Buges do to get the line ready do deal with the noise? I don't recall a false start penalty during the game & Arrowhead really got deafening on that last 4th down.

Chris Samuels:

We’ve been turning up the loudspeakers at practice. You know, we can barely even hear the quarterback in the huddle. And that helps us focus, so that when we go to the line of scrimmage, the quarterback won’t really go through his cadence, he’ll just go with a silent count. That’s where the quarterback lifts his head up one or two times and we’ll snap the ball.

Follow-up from Art

I was also there – does not hearing the count slow your ability to get off the ball, because it seemed like you had a little trouble with Jared Allen, at least at some points in the game. Or did that have nothing to do with it at all?

Chris Samuels:

You know what? One time I did get off the ball a little bit late on him. I thought I ran the guy up field enough….The other sack that he got on me, Clinton kind of chip blocked the guy on me and surprised me, and once he chip blocked the guy it kind of knocked him into the quarterback.

From Skinsnut73


Thanks for taking the time to be with us. Personally, you have had a very good career so far having gone to multiple Pro Bowls, but as a team the Redskins have experienced some ups and downs in recent years. Specifically, I am referring to the coaching changes in recent years. Can you give us a sense of what it was like playing for Schottenheimer, Spurrier and Gibbs? Perhaps you could compare and contrast them?


Chris Samuels:

You know, Shottenheimer I thought was a good coach. I thought we would’ve wound up being successful if he’d stayed around. One thing that I wasn’t crazy about with him, he was kind of like, he really wasn’t open-minded to what the players had to say. It was pretty much his way or the highway. Spurrier, I thought he was a nice guy. He wanted to make an environment for the players to be happy. He was real lenient on us. He let us pretty much be Pro's. But on this level, you got a lot of young guys coming in, with money, you kind of got to be a little disciplinarian. The thing is, he was too nice, versus Marty, Marty was too tough. But Coach Gibbs is perfect. He’s right down the middle between those guys. He’s not too lenient on us, and he’s not too strict. I think he’s the perfect coach, I think he’s the middle of the two. He’s just right (goldilocks reference noted)

From Diablo23

How bad does this team want to get into the playoffs?

Chris Samuels:

We can taste it. We know how good we can be. We’ve been playing pretty good ball so far at 4-2. We feel like we could be undefeated if we could just eliminate the turnovers in those two games that we lost. We think we’re going to the playoffs. That’s our mindset. That’s our goal. And anything can happen once we get there.

From Skinsnut73


Patrick Ramsey and Mark Brunell are two different types of QB's. Obviously, Mark is left-handed and Patrick is right-handed...but also Mark seems to be more mobile. I was wondering if you could give us a sense of what it's like protecting each of them? How do you have to adjust your game for each QB?


Chris Samuels:

You know what? Its really not. You know, one of them is right-handed, the other one’s left, but my blocking assignments, they don’t change. I still block the guy and try to widen the pocket, whether he’s a wide rusher or a guy that’s right on top of me trying to rush the passer. So there’s really no big difference for me. It would probably be a little slight bit easier with Mark being left-handed, because say for instance, if I get beat, Mark can see the guy coming. But with Patrick, he’s right-handed, so it’ll be his blind side.

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