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Nyp: Big Blue Has Incentive


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The cell phones have been humming this week, Antonio Pierce gabbing with all his buddies down in D.C., trading the sort of good-natured trash talk that friends engage in when they're competitive and free-wheeling all at the same time.

Pierce spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Redskins and close ties remain. His former teammates can't say they haven't been warned when Pierce stated his intentions for Sunday's NFC East old-fashioned Giants-Redskins showdown.

"I was kind of joking, they know how I am," Pierce said. "I told them I'm going to get a couple of fouls in the game, some fines, it's going to be one of those games where there's going to be a lot of emotions for me, just let people know that what I did last year was for real."

Fouls? Fines? "I'm going to be all over the place," Pierce said. "I'm going to play with a lot of emotion, a lot of emotion."

To whom is this anger directed? "Towards the Redskins, not towards the players," he said. "I don't want to hurt nobody, but we want to get a win and I want to beat that organization."

Good thing Redskins owner Daniel Snyder isn't suiting up.

"Antonio is definitely one of my good friends," Redskins linebacker Marcus Washington said. "On Sunday, he will be playing for the other guys. I always say to my friends on other teams that we can hug and kiss after the game, but during those three hours, it's all business."

Pierce was not drafted out of Arizona, hung around with the Redskins for three years before blossoming in 2004. He started every game at middle linebacker and was the anchor of an exceptional defense with 160 tackles. Pierce thought he deserved to be re-signed during the season but a new deal never materialized.

"They made me feel good by at least throwing me an offer but the offer they were throwing was just ridiculous," Pierce said.

Once the offseason rolled around, Pierce was embittered and went searching for a new team. The Giants offered him a six-year, $26-million contract.

The Redskins offer was nearly identical. By then, it was too late. "I just felt unappreciated at that time by certain people in that organization," he said.

Looking back, someone calling the shots for the Redskins admits the situation should have been handled differently and that Pierce shouldn't have gone anywhere.

"He played probably the best football of his career last year," Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said. "I probably made a couple of mistakes in there, not only me, but all of us here. I learned a lesson from it and I don't intend to repeat it in the future. We went to a point where we thought we were going to keep him and it didn't work out for us. That was my mistake and I need to take the heat for that."

The Giants are thrilled to have him, but while Pierce has been solid, he hasn't been the sideline-to-sideline terror they envisioned.

He leads the team with 49 tackles but does not have a forced fumble or a fumble recovery. He does have one interception. He left behind a bunch of friends who miss him and wish he were still there.

"We thought he was a true Redskin, the type of Redskin player that Coach Gibbs always talks about," defensive end Renaldo Wynn said. "We definitely felt that he would be a mainstay on our team as well as our defense."

Pierce thought so as well. Now, he's thinking something quite different.

"It's a good time for us to be 5-2 and for them to be 4-3," Pierce said, "and for us to get into first place now."

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How many articles has been written about this guy this week? Every time I look there's another "F'n" article.

You would think based on the articles that he was Lawrence Taylor.

I can't remember seeing so many articles about an ex player.

I don't think there were this many articles about Champ before we played Denver and he was a pro bowler who we traded!

If I see another article I'm going to :puke:

AP needs to :shutup: and :stfu:

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man. i respected him when he played here, but he is being a little B*tch.

he better back the S#!t that is coming out of his mouth, because once portis runs by his @$$ he is gonna feel embarrassed...

then Gibbs will think in his head... "maybe i didnt make a mistake afterall..."

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Interesting statement by the home town paper.

You're exactly right. That was th eone thing that jumped out at me too. AP can talk about being disrespected all he wants; I'm sure he's just trying to psyche himself up for the game, that's fine. But he is not the sideline to sideline terror the Giants envisioned? I wonder if there are any grumblings in the organization? Very interesting.

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:laugh: Man o Man, I see Antonio trying to get himself pumped up looking for a little self motivation eh because he knows the task at hand with him and his co horts on defense have to find away to slow this offense down. Antonio it's The New York Giants Vs The Washington Redskins not, Antonio Pierce Vs The Washington Redskins . I am sure his comment about them going 5-2 and Skins going 4-3 is on the Skins bulletin board.

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Once the offseason rolled around, Pierce was embittered and went searching for a new team. The Giants offered him a six-year, $26-million contract.

The Redskins offer was nearly identical. By then, it was too late. "I just felt unappreciated at that time by certain people in that organization," he said.

ok, i mean, if the offer was nearly identical, then what the f was his problem? I thought we offered him much less, but apparently not. This is pretty rediculous.

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I like that Joe admitted that he made a mistake letting Pierce get away. Pierce should let it go too.

I don't think I've ever seen Gibbs miss an opportunity to take the higher ground. Pierce was great for us and on one hand I wish we still had him but on the other hand the team's looking oretty good and the "what if" game also has to factor in what is happening now that's good that may not be if we had paid and played him this year. Impossible to know.

And speaking strictly limited to Pierce's continuous griping about what went down (and nothing else about him), I miss the old role model of men not whining. I mean a little venting, some complaining, either to a friend or even in public once or twice, ok, but this on and on stuff seems all too common with these guys these days :rolleyes: . Oh well, just my old school :2cents: worth of BS :laugh: .

Man, maybe if I could identify better with their concepts of "real" problems.

:gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck

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