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PS2, XBOX, or PC?

I have it on PC , but trying to get a game going against other Skins fans

would be a nightmare ..... Me "i want to use the skins" You "No i want to use the skins" lolz :D

In the past 5 years of Madden i've never used another team. :cool:

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I play on the PS2. All-Pro level. Skins went 15-1 (shocking blowout by the Tampa Bucs!) and Ramsey had a scrumptious day against the Indy Colts in the Super Bowl. I beat the Eagles and Vikings in the playoffs.

The coolest thing I learned was how to switch your primary receiver while at the line of scrimmage--makes the Ramsey Passing Cone a whole different animal. I don't remember being able to do this in other Madden years--maybe I just missed it. I call a lot less audibles now!

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I'm in my 4th season. Team looks quite different.

Campbell is my starter.

I couldn't afford Portis anymore.....but I lucked out in the draft. I took RB's in the 4th and 5th rounds during my 1st offseason. Some kid named Andy Smith is built like a Duce Staley/Jerome Bettis hybird. He's big, bounces off guys, spins around....is hard to tackle....and takes off in the open field.

JJ Arrington is my backup RB and the one who goes out on routes.

Rogers is my #1 CB, some guy I drafted named Goldston is my #2. An older Shawn Springs is my #3. Taylor and Bowen are still my safties. Lavar and Washington are still there with a guy named Burke who I drafted.

Only one DL remains. Griffen. Everybody else is in their 1st 3 years.

WR's are Moss and a guy named Andrew Terry. Jacobs is the #3 with Kevin Curtis as #4. Patten and Thrash retired on me.

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Ever since NFL2k series came out for Dreamcast, I have hated Madden.

Because for years it was roughly the same crap from Madden, and all of the diehard madden fans would ignore the better selections for that piece of crap.

Well all of that is about to change with the xbox 360.

Madden got an overhaul job, and the game is smoking hot!

Anyone else read about it or see any pic/vids?

Here are some changes in the '06 Madden for the 360

- The camera is dropped just behind the QB with a more level angle to the playing field. So before you snap you see TE - TE, you don't see your WR.

- Player models look so much better and life like. You can tell who the stars are just by looking at thier faces. The players are different sizes, even the shoulder pads are different sizes.

- Real voices. If you hear an audible from Brunnel, it's actually Brunnel's voice. If you hear Terrel Owens trash talking, it's his actual recorded voice from an actual game.

- "If it's in the game, this time it's really in the game" xbox mag.

The stadiums are exactly like they are in real life. In other words, if you have season tickets, you can find your seat in this game. All stadiums have each and every seat and detail accounted for!

- You can now jump over the pile.

- The coaches/players/cheerleaders on the sidelines will now react to the plays.

Everything seems awesome in the changes, but I want to see how it handles.

Hopefully it's much faster than the previous Maddens.

And hopefully there isn't a "camera change" option, because I know there are going to be glitch players who love that view.

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My roommate and I play together against the computer so that we don't have to take turns (and he doesn't really want to play against me.) We have it on All-Madden and we won the Superbowl, so now we started a franchise with a "Cupcake" team. Now that's rough.

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