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If you thought another "Rocky" movie was a bad idea.....how about another "Rambo"?!?


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Sylvester Stallone Returns for Rambo IV

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

October 28, 2005


Millennium Films in conjunction with Emmett/Furla Films and Equity Pictures are partnering on a $50 million Rambo IV, says The Hollywood Reporter. Sylvester Stallone is attached to star.

The story centers on former Vietnam vet John Rambo, who is living a reclusive life back home in the U.S. But when a girl goes missing, he is forced to abandon his quiet lifestyle and take justice into his own hands.

No director is attached, and the screenplay is in the early stages. The film is set to begin shooting in the spring in Mexico and the U.S.

Millennium, which describes Rambo IV as a return to the franchise's original roots, recently announced plans to produce Poe, a film about Edgar Allen Poe, with Stallone helming before seguing to Rambo IV.

Stallone will revisit another 1980s franchise when he begins filming Rocky Balboa in December.

hahaha, how dumb!

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So we got a fight in the Sunrise Valley Retirement home where he was molested after his brat son put him away.. between him and the orderly Slobber Lane...

And then their going to make the escape and ensueing massacre of the staff since they drew 1st blood ;) an entire second movie..


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John Rambo is set to strap on his headband and jump back onto the silver screen!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So it looks to finally be happening for Sly. He's got his Old-timer ROCKY flick up and running and just nailed down $50 million to make RAMBO 4, which is supposed to be more FIRST BLOOD than RAMBO Part 2 or 3. Apparently in the one John Rambo is living a reclusive lifestyle, but is compelled to return to action in order to help find a missing a girl, taking justice into his own hands. I'm a big fan of the first two RAMBO flicks and even enjoy RAMBO 3 on a crazy-over-the-top level, so this is good news for me! What do you folks think?


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Weeping christ on the cross, I had forgotten that Stallone was trying to do a Poe biopic...that might go down as one of the biggest abominations ever set to film.

Though this easter egg from the Revenge of the Sith DVD comes pretty close:


Dude, there was actually a Poe movie floating around cable a year or two ago. It starred Jeremy London and a pre-Gray's Anatomy Katherine Heigl. It was god awful. I mean really terrible. It wasn't a biopic, it was a corny supernatural thriller kinda thing. The only redeeming feature of the film was Katherine Heigl hotness.


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Rambo rules!!!!! I don't care if he's 60 :laugh: ! The only thing that sucks is that Col. Troutman died a few years ago in real life. Now who's going to say the one liners in the new movie, one liners such as "Don't forget a huge supply of body bags", "What you call hell, he calls home" and "He'll eat things that'll make a billy goat puke." :laugh:

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