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(knock on wood)If Brunell goes down,who would you rather see?


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My apologies for putting the fear of God into my fellow Extremeskin Redskin fans...But I've often wondered not only the opinions on the board,but what the logical choice would be...

I realize there's probably a 99% chance of Ramsey coming into the game if this were the case,cause he's more familier with the offense (not being a rookie and all)....see niners game...

But is this what my fellow extremeskin fans want to see....

I also agree that Ramsey is the correct choice if (god forbid ) this were the case...

But I bet (including myself) that Ramsey is so gone at the end of the year...

I would be very surprised if we wanted to resign him AND Ramsey wanted to stay since his contract is up...I believe?

Doesn't Gibbs and the front office want to get JC as much playing time as possible,considering we morgaged a plethra of picks to aquire him for our future...?

Are we to Expect a QB change next season,regardless of Brunell's plans for his own future?

I'm just curious what other fans like myself think about this situation...

(Personally....I'd love to see the guy in action in a big game situation)I want see if he has "IT" or the Moxy some QB's have had in the past...

I want to know if we screwed up???Damn it?

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I asked this Question PC cause with an aged brunell,this is something not only the front office has to consider,but the fans as well...

I hope Brunell is healthy and on his way to a great successfull season and to the Probowl...I'm not trying to stir the pot...(hince...knock on wood)

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Campbell should not see the field this entire year unless both Brunell and Ramsey get injured. Let him get two full offseasons of work before making him Brunell's backup. He'll definately need to be ready for next year because Ramsey is likely to be gone.

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The trade is done. Forget about what we gave up. That is not important anymore. What is important right now is the Giants, and "IF" Brunell went down we'd see Ramsey under center. Campbell is learning how to be a NFL QB from Gibbs, Musgrave, and Brunell. He's watching and taking it all in. He is studying the offense and learning his role. It's not important to get him snaps right now, he'll get those in due time and when Gibbs thinks he's ready.

It's been awhile since this team has been really set at the QB position. Enjoy it.

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Doesn't matter what we gave up or how much we are paying anyone, in mid season, you make the call that will give you the best chance to win. Ramsey will get the call.

Beyond this season, its hard to say. Ramsey will probably be out of here since it looks like Brunell should have a couple more years left on him. But it really depends on a lot of things - the effect of Brunell aging, Ramsey's progress, and Campbell's progress. I think Gibbs would be willing to keep Campbell on the bench for a few years if necessary. If Brunell were to suffer a career threatening injury, or if Campbell isn't looking like he's progressing very quickly, I could potentially see us resigning Ramsey. Hard to say at this point. Gibbs loves to have depth and experience at QB, but given the sorry state of the QB position around the league and that our backup is looking a lot better than many other teams starters, other teams may be willing to pay a nice price for Ramsey. Who can say what effect that might have on the decision as well?

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I'd much rather see Ramsey

Don't forget the turnaround Brunell has made

So after praising Brunell for his turnaround, were going to repeat our same exact mistake and write another quarterback off? Ramsey can get it done

You nailed it on the head. If Brunell goes down, Gibbs proves critics wrong AGAIN and resurrects Patrick Ramsey as well.

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