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Subwoofer Question


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I'm considering upgrading my car stereo subwoofers from dual 10" to 12". My question is:

Should I go with one high powered high dollar 12" sub or dual semi-powerful 12" subs?

It will be put in the back of a 2005 Explorer and powered by a 300X2/900X1 amplifier.

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I used to do custom car audio installs...

What equipment do you have now? make and models of everything please, amp(s) , subwoofers, head unit, etc etc You cant just throw a bunch of stuff in a car and call it audio :)

With more info i can give you a better and more in depth reply. If your just going for LOUDER, just changing subwoofers wont do it.

A good rule of thumb is...In order to gain 3DB (decibles) you almost have to DOUBLE your wattage ... but this can be done is some cases by running your amplifier at different Ohms, as long as your amp can handle it.

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