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FactCheck: Taxing The Truth In New Jersey Ad War


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Forrester says 15 votes were for "higher taxes." Corzine says the same 15 votes were "to lower taxes."


Anyone who doubts that political ads are a poor source of reliable information might wish to examine the absurd degree of fact-twisting taking place in New Jersey's gubernatorial campaign, where Sen. Jon Corzine is the Democratic candidate and Doug Forrester is the Republican.

Both men are making exaggerated claims about Corzine's voting record on taxes, with Forrester claiming Corzine cast 133 votes for "higher taxes" and Corzine saying he cast 70 votes "to lower taxes." Both lists are padded with multiple votes on the same tax measure, and most of the votes Forrester says are for "higher taxes" actually would not have resulted in any tax increase at all. Laughably, both men are counting some of the same votes.

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