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MVP against the Giants... pick yours and explain why


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Hi all,

My first post ever, after lurking for two years (love this place). Lifelong fan, raised in DC, now living in NC. HTTR!!

I think our MVP will be Shawn Springs, for the following reason: the Denver and KC games were so so close for us, and I think the injuries at corner for those games prevented the rest of the D from being freed up to implement GW's multiple looks and blitzes. I know that several posters have made this observation over the last couple weeks, and it really rings true.

So who do the Giants have as a legitimate deep threat, other than Plexiglass? Nobody, and Burress isn't even 100%. With healthy CBs, that dimension of Eli's game will be compromised and then it's down to Tiki and Shockey. Bring it.

I don't fear their defense so, while I think our O will have a fine day, none of our offensive playmakers will be MVP.

Just my opinion. Hail.

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I believe with the Giants being weaker against the pass they will do EVERYTHING they can do not let Moss have a field day. This will open up things for Mark Brunell to see the whole field and hit Cooley and Patten for big gains. So therefore, I am picking Brunell to be the MVP. Honorable mention goes to Taylor. A huge hit or pick could swing this game in a huge way.

Mark Brunell

21-33 308 yards 2 TD's

For reasons I posted on another thread, I'm joining you with Brunell. I know Joe and the coaches are the brain-trust, but in the field he is the leader and The Glue that helps make all the excellent individual talents on this offense a cohesive unit. And he will do it when it counts the most this Sunday :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck

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A few weeks ago, someone in my fantasy league dropped Lavar Arrington (instead of team defense, we start three individual defensive players). Knowing that I was going to make the playoffs, I picked up LA and stored him on my bench. Because playoffs are all that matter, I knew having Lavar for weeks 14,15, and 16 would be huge. It looks like he's getting back in shape and by the end of the season, after playing more under Gregg Williams, he'll be tearing up the league (i hope).

This week, i'm going to have to go with the obvious choice of Mark Brunell as the MVP. I'd like to say it's going to be Portis because I think having him as a threat going into the game against Philly is important, but Mark has been unbelievable so far this year and i don't see thre trend changing against this NYG secondary.

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