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MVP against the Giants... pick yours and explain why


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I believe with the Giants being weaker against the pass they will do EVERYTHING they can do not let Moss have a field day. This will open up things for Mark Brunell to see the whole field and hit Cooley and Patten for big gains. So therefore, I am picking Brunell to be the MVP. Honorable mention goes to Taylor. A huge hit or pick could swing this game in a huge way.

Mark Brunell

21-33 308 yards 2 TD's

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Our entire defense. After we shut down Eli, Tiki, Shockey and the rest.

Our offense will pick up the scraps and score big time.

Have you heard "can't stop this"? That's Santana. He's on a roll with Brunnell.

Anyway, the sole MVP will be either Portis or Santana.

1. If they bring eight in the box, our receivers will have a field day (Santana).

2. If they drop both safties and/or a LB back in coverage, Portis will kill them.

3. Got to give Brunnell an assist for getting the ball to our receivers :cool:

The G-men are in a no win situation.

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Cooley because of his second TD of the game, which occurs on 3rd and 8 late in the 4th quarter with the score tied. The G-men are hoping for a 3 and out and are playing to get the ball back and push for a last second field goal. Instead, Brunell scambles to avoid the sack and dinks the ball off to Cooley for what looks like a 4 yard gain. But Cooley makes A. Pierce look like a fool as he knocks the poor MLB on his butt and rumble-stumbles, with at least two defenders clinging to his grass-stained jersey, into the end-zone...

24-17 Skins

HTTR :cheers:

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its going to be eli manning because hes going to destroy the redskins

yea i bet

i like your football knowledge homer

tell me what eli did again the last time we played when we won 31-7

ok tell me why this year will be any different. we have more depth on defensed and our 3-4 4-3 schemes will confuse him. against dallas when he was under pressure he couldnt take it, thats why he and the rest of your #1 offense had 4 TO's and was held to 13 points

our recievers will have a field day of your 31 ranked defense, and portis should rush for 100 especially since jansen is back, unlike last year. it will be a dogfight, and i will not say the outcome b/c it is too close to call. but may the best team win! :gaintsuck

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