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Antonio Pierce on John Thompson Show


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WHo has Doc Walkers email address? I want to see if Doc will ask Pierce where all this anger is coming from and if we were in the "park" with the offer then why did he leave? Since Pierce is all about family why didn't he give us a "Hometown Discount" if we were in the neighborhood regarding his contract demands?


Write him.. He's awesome with returning emails and a really nice guy!

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I emailed Doc as well. Here is what I wrote:


Can you do me a favor, and I’m sure some other Redskins fans around here as well.

Can you ask Pierce on today’s show why he feels it’s a necessity to talk trash about his former team that GAVE him the opportunity to be a player in the NFL? He’s always talking about the “love” also know as $$$$ that we didn’t show him, but every time I read an article about him he says we were very close in his contract demands. If he wanted to be a Redskin so bad (which he was claiming to wanting to be) when the contract was in the ballpark of what he was being offered by the Giants, wouldn’t you want to stay if you liked it here so much?

Another thing that bothers me is when he says about how we spend money for every big name blah blah blah… Reality check Antonio that was before Gibbs and Co. showed up. Yes they did spend money on “big names” but times have changed, and if you think you’re going to get more than our Pro-Bowl #53, then that’s just wishful thinking. Washington is 10 times the player Pierce is.

I use to like Pierce but he’s starting to be one of those ex-Redskins who want to bash us because we didn’t offer them the entire bank to keep them here ala Smoot, Bailey and now him. I understand contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL, but don’t act like we offered you a bag of Doritos and a slurpee to play here. Could this possibly be the weeding out the bad apples process you constantly speak of on your show?

Please grill him on his constant remarks, and why he feels it’s necessary.

Thank you,

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I dunno. I think Doc will side with the player in terms of getting the money as he has spoken out about this very thing before saying that he agrees with players trying to get as much as they can.

I'll be surprised if he grills him on anything pertaining to playing here vs. getting the money.

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It's not about the player getting what he can get. It's about him always having negative comments about his former team every opportunity he gets.

Just like I said before, he's stated many of times in saying we were close in his contact demands in the end, but he chose the Giants. Well, if you wanted to be a Redskin so bad then that little bit of money wouldn't of been that big of a deal for him. So if we had a respectable offer then why bash the Redskins whenever you get a chance?

It just boiled down to he thought he was going to get a big pay day here because Snyder pays everyone. But that blank checkbook isn't open like it use to be anymore. Times have changed and players who were here before need to realize that.

It's just the weeding out process, things like this are going to happen. Until the old guard is gone from all the previous losing seasons where they thought this was the place you get paid and not contend is flushed out, we are going to have a few players like this. I just figured in Pierce's case, since he was fortunate enough for a team to take a chance on him as an undrafted FA he's be a little bit more respectful than that.

I'm sure Danny has done some wrong things in the past and everyone i'm sure that was a holdover is angry at him for one reason or another wich I understand. But we didn't have to pick you up from the junkyard of players and make you what you are today. I just find that funny, how easily people forget.

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Here's the email i sent him:

I see that Antonio Pierce is going to be on the show today. Let me start by saying that I admired his play while he was here, and I am sorry that he decided to leave for the Giants. I wish him well, except for when he plays against the Redskins.

I was wondering if you could share my logic with Mr. Pierce!?!?!

(1) He’s always talking about how the Redskins over pay for free agents that they bring in…….and how they low balled him, and that he wanted to be a Redskin if the money was what he deserved. Well, did it ever occur to him that the Giants may have over spent on him to lure him away from the Redskins, just as most teams have to do in trying to lure free agents away from the team they’ve been playing with………My point being that, if Pierce wanted to play for the Redskins as he said he did, and they were close to the Giants offer, then I would venture to guess that the offer he received from the Skins was probably close to his market value……and the Giants probably went above that in order to persuade him to leave the Redskins……..Just as the Redskins have had to do in the past to bring in some of the free agents that they aquired……..which is fine, and that’s a part of the NFL and free agency today……..The part that makes me and most other fans mad though, is to hear him running his big mouth trashing the Redskins, when they probably were right in line with their offer…..and he chose to leave for a little more money(which again is fine, and is his choice)……..but don’t going trying to justify the situation by shifting the blame on the Redskins……He had a fair offer, and chose to leave for the money, and on top of that, to play for a division rival!!!……somebody needs to get the story straight……..it sounds to me like their might be a little guilt coming from his end, and he needs to stop preaching to the media, and worry about the TEAM he’s going to have to stop on Sunday!!!

If I’m wrong about that, then please tell me so…….I don’t claim to know everything, and if you or Antonio can explain to me that my thinking is wrong, I’d love to be enlightened!

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It sounds like Doc is going to have a lot to read from you guys. May I suggest spreading it around by sending Smoking Al an email, or maybe even Joe the Fan. Either way, I'm curious to hear the stance Pierce takes from his own mouth in real time .

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I'm tired of hearing ex-Redskins b!tch. He was expendable. This is the NFL where everyone is expendable. Ask David Patten.

I'd think his whining would only serve to fire up our line backing core and Gregg Williams.

Agreed. If Barrow was healthy you'd still be seeing him sitting on someone's bench with his league minimum salary. GW plugged him in and it worked. GW Plugged Lemar Marshall in and it's working

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