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Pardon me for re-posting this, but it seemed proper with all the Giants trolls around


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Pierce Shows Eli the Ropes

Second Year QB Eli Manning had his first scare in "Camp Coughlin" when the austere coach noticed some peach fuzz on the QB's face that he thought might be a whisker, prompting him to insist Manning shave. Manning, who had never shaved before(at least, not above the waist), at first asked veteran Michael Strahan to show him how. The result wasn't very positive, Manning noted. "I offered to give him the name of a good orthodontist if he'd teach me to shave, but he said since I was a QB, he'd only help me if we played the Brett Favre game. When I asked him what that meant, he said something about me having to go down while all the guys on offense look the other way. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I didn't want to find out." Eventually the young gunslinger was helped out by newly acquired MLB Antonio Pierce, whom Manning praised as team player.

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