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Mark Brunell Media Session


On the hamstring injury he suffered in New York last season:

"I think I played one more play [after he injured the hamstring] and that was it for me [for the game]. It bothered me probably for the next three or four games. I think that's about as long as I remember it bothering me."

On playing against a team with whom they share the NFC East Division lead:

"It will mean a lot. It's a big game for us. Yet, it's still pretty early. It's only our seventh game. To have an important game early in the season like this is pretty big. Hopefully, we can get this one. We certainly have our work cut out for us. They got a big win last week [against Denver]. They have a very good football team. They're well coached. They have a lot of talent. Plus, we're in their place. It's going to be pretty tough."

On the importance of winning games against division rivals:

"We talk about it every day. We talk about winning our divisional games and games in our conference. It's important because the games that you play in September and October are the ones that really count when you get to December and you're in the hunt. Hopefully, we'll be there. You take it one game at a time. Each game has its own importance. It's obvious how important this one is to this football team."

On the NFC East's strong overall performance through seven weeks:

"It's an incredible tradition. We seem to be there right now. We have some good teams in this division. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out."

On currently ranking second in the NFL's quarterback rating:

"That's great. There are two trains of thought [regarding that ranking]. [On one hand,] you can be excited about your personal statistics as a quarterback, but [on the other hand] unless you have the 'Ws,' [the statistics] just don't really do anything for you. We're 4-2, which is great. The [most important] statistic is how many games you win as a quarterback, not how many touchdowns you throw or what your rating is. It's [all about] winning games. I'd rather have a much lower rating and five or six wins than be where we are at now. It is what it is. We're 4-2. Fortunately, we're doing some good things on offense.

On the Redskins currently ranking second league-wide in total offense:

"There's a little bit more pride in that [than in an individual ranking]. It's a complete departure from where we were [offensively] last year. If you asked everyone in the locker room where we would be as far as our statistics, I think [the ranking] would come as a big surprise to a lot of guys. It's nice. We're doing some good things. But it's not really what you do early on, it's [whether] you can maintain that level of play. Hopefully, we can."

On Giants QB, #10 Eli Manning's performance through six games:

"Eli is playing very good football right now. He obviously has a lot of talent. He's showing this league and everyone [else] that he has a really bright future. He's competitive, smart, well coached, and has a strong arm. He has put together some nice games. He's just going to be one of those guys for the Giants and in our division who's going to play some solid football for many years to come."

On the key to his rapport with Redskins WR, #89 Santana Moss:

"[The key] is time spent on the field. This whole 'Brunell-Moss' thing is 80 percent Moss and 20 percent Brunell. He's that good. I've been around a few good ones. He's up there. There is nothing he can't do. I think the only thing Santana doesn't have is [height]. He's not 6'4" or 6'5." [He has] everything else. He can catch and run. He's smart and competitive. Once he gets the ball, he can do something with it. He's really helping us."

On how his demeanor in the huddle has changed since his rookie season:

"You're not thinking about cracking jokes when you're just trying to complete a pass. [Now, the Redskins offense] has a good time. We try to keep it light. This is a game. We try to have fun. There is absolutely nothing better [than playing in the NFL]. I have the best job in the world. I get to go out with 10 other guys to compete and test ourselves against another defense. We have fun doing it. I make sure we have fun doing it."

On whether humor in the huddle is an element of leadership:

"Whatever those guys think it is. I guess it is to a degree. Whatever your team needs, as a quarterback, you hope you can meet that. We're going to have a good time, compete, play hard, and enjoy what we're doing. Hopefully, that will continue."

On the importance of maintaining offensive balance:

"I don't know what the [Redskins run-pass ratio] is. We're running the ball well and throwing it well. I don't think we're predictable. We always try to change it up. We self-scout quite a bit to try to figure out whether [we have] any tendencies that might tip a defense to what we're [planning on] doing. It's always a constant struggle to try to maintain balance. Whatever you do, [just] be efficient with it. I know there's a lot of talk right now about what the [pass-happy Philadelphia] Eagles are doing, but they're winning games."

On statistics that suggest the Giants defense is struggling:

"I know what I see on film. They've struggled a little bit, but they've had some very good days. [based on] everything that has led up to this point, I can tell you this is just going to be one of those hard-fought games. They're at their place, they're coming off of a big win [over Denver], and they realize how important this game is. It's just as important to them [as it is to the Redskins]. We're going to see their best, regardless of the numbers. It really doesn't matter in a game like this. It's going to be a tough one and it will come down to the end."

On former Redskins and current Giants LB, #58 Antonio Pierce:

"He's a great player. We know all about Antonio. It's too bad he's not a Redskin because he is a very good player and a 'team' guy. He's having a great year for the Giants."

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