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WEEK EIGHT Picks, Pats, and Apologies (not so fast my friends)


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Last week: 9-5 (nothing special, but not quite the crash and burn some of you predicted) :)

Season: 70-30

Link to last week's thread:


Last Week's Pats: I just knew the Bengals weren't quite ready to take charge of the AFC North, and the Steelers proved me correct last Sunday. I like Cincinnati very much, but it just didn't seem possible that they would take such a HUGE lead early in the season. They say never bet "the due," but the Bengals were due. I also nailed the Giants upset over the Broncos. I actually think that victory HELPS the Redskins, following the same "due" philosophy (more on that later). I also missed the Falcons-Jets final by ONE point for both teams (I had 28-13).

Last Week's Apologies: Gotta give it up to the Vikings-- for one week at least. I never would have guessed they could have mustered the guts to make that comeback. Kudos to them for not folding (I'm sure the post-game celebration was quite memorable :) ). The Saints need to stop moaning about bad calls and accept the fact that they are the most horribly coached team in the NFL. Just awful how that team implodes week after week. They had no business losing that game to the depleted Rams, but they still found a way to blow it. So, I guess I apologize to the Saints for actually picking them to win.

This week's Picks:

Arizona at Dallas: VERY weird season for the Cowboys so far. On several occasions they have seemed to be on the verge of greatness this year, then just as quickly, they've reverted to their non-playoff form of last year. Is this a good sign of things to come or a bad sign of things to come? Honestly, I'm not quite sure yet. Is Dallas a threat, or just a tease? One thing I do know....they'll beat the Cards on Sunday.

Cowboys 27, Cardinals 16.

Chicago at Detroit: It's so sad to write this, but this game could have a big say come January. The Bears pounded Detroit in Chicago week 2, but the Lions have been tough at home. The Lions get revenge. But it won't be pretty.

Lions 19, Bears 16.

Cleveland at Houston: The 49ers will be watching this game with baited breath, as the loser becomes their chief competition in the "Reggie Bush Battle."

Texans 22, Browns 17.

Green Bay at Cincinnati: The Packers will be 1-6 after their trip to Cincinnati, and still in the thick of the hunt in the NFC North :doh:

Bengals 34, Packers 24

Jacksonville at St. Louis: The Jags are lurking, and by the end of this season they will pounce on one of the wild card slots in the AFC. The Rams are overmatched here.

Jaguars 21, Rams 15.

Miami at New Orleans: Every week, I seem to get stuck on a "toin coss" game. This one comes up Dolphins.

Dolphins 23, Saints 20.

Minnesota at Carolina: The Vikings might want to fly in some post-game entertainment for the plane ride home-- because they aren't going to have much else to celebrate. Carolina will dominate this game.

Panthers 28, Vikings 12.

Oakland at Tennessee: The Titans are all guts, no talent. This may turn out to be a fairly entertaining game, with the Raiders pulling one out late.

Raiders 30, Titans 26.

Washington at New York Giants: I'm a homer at heart, but I try not to be in practice. I am 5-1 picking Redskins games this year, so I by no means do I let my burgandy and gold loyalties affect my picks. So please remember that after you read my analysis of this game. Back in the first Gibbs era, there were certain games I just KNEW we would win. Just because. Just because of Gibbs. For the first time in almost 15 years, I have that feeling this week. I respect the Giants. I respect what they've done thus far. I respect their homefield advantage. But I think they are due for a bit of a reality check. I think they are due for a loss at home. And I think the Redskins are due to adminster some payback to their NFC East foes that have dominated them so badly over the years. I think this will be the week people stop talking about us an "early season surprise" and start talking about us as legit contenders. And you think this week was fun? Just wait until the Eagles come calling next week.

Redskins 24, Giants 17.

Kansas City at San Diego: The Chargers are sure enjoying a media love-fest for a 3-4 football team. Their season is OVER if they drop this one at home to the Chiefs. Kansas City has looked solid since their meltdown against Philly, but I think the Chargers find a way to scratch and claw and stay within shouting distance in their division.

Chargers 29, Chiefs 24.

Philadelphia at Denver: I call this a "dual" pick. It's a pick FOR the Eagles and AGAINST the Broncos. I think Philly is better than they've shown, and the Broncos worse than they've shown. I may have to change my opinon if the Broncos win this one, but until they do, I'm sticking to my guns.

Eagles 24, Broncos 20.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco: You heard it here first. This game will be MUCH, MUCH closer than most expect. If only I had the cojones to go all the way and pick the Niners.

Bucs 20, 49ers 17.

Buffalo at New England: The Patriots are fortunate this year to be able to heal while not losing ground in their division. The Jets are floundering, the Dolphins are rebuilding, and Buffalo is middling at best. The only chance the Bills have to challenge the Pats this year is if they go on the road and win this week. Fat chance.

Patriots 27, Bills 14.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh: Get out the shovels in Baltimore-- the Ravens are about to get buried for the 2005 season. No Ray Lewis? No Ed Reed? Yes Anthony Wright? Yikes. Talk about a scary scene on Halloween night.

Steelers 27, Ravens 9.

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I like your write-up.

During the Norv era, there were several games that exposed us as not quite good enough. We'd go into games vs. other teams thinking we had a legitimate chance only to be handled by the opponent. I see the opposite happening this Sunday. Part of me believes that we can really dominate this game. We SHOULD move the ball and score on them and we SHOULD stop them from doing so. That usually adds up to a win.

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I like most of your picks... the upset I think you'll end up omitting is St. Louis over Jacksonville. Even with Holt/Bulger out, Jacksonville will be out of their element and be humbled a bit by a good running game and they don't normally play well against fast teams, especially indoors.

Nice write up.

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I agree with every pick...I had to think hard about the Bronco's and Philadelphia and then I remembered how the Eagles shut down the running game for San Diego and I thought, he's right, Philadelphia is going to win that one.

Good analysis on the Skins. I am actually 5-1 on my picks as well for the Skins. I think they will beat the Giants..there is something that is being exposed in the Giants secondary if they are rated that poorly. I have watched them give up some questionable long passes. I am concerned about our propensity to give up one long run a game or two...and Tiki Barber could take it to the end zone at least once.

Seems Eli could be forced into some mistakes with an active pass rush BUT he does NOT rattle easily from what I have seen...so we are just going to have to have him rush his throws.

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The confidence is certainly there. That's by far the biggest difference I feel this year. However, I think there will be at least some deep-seeded lingering doubts until we CONSISTENTLY win games within the division. We can take a huge step this week.

Oh and Mike--- Dude, if we really had "powers," I'd buy YOU a ticket to Vegas :)

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Thanks Kleese. Nice read.

R U picking the winning team outright or against the spread?

Well, if he's putting the score down he's probably picking the team that will win. I highly doubt he's adding in the spread points. otherwise scores would be looking really wierd, like 22-15. Come on use some of that common sense i know youve got up in that brain of yours...you can do it.

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Nice picks, educated and logical. My only contentions are these (who really cares anyway). As bad as the Titans have become which has been a work in progress, I question the Raiders guts. I'm not so sure about San Diego either, do we have to beat them before people stop choosing them?


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Well, if he's putting the score down he's probably picking the team that will win. I highly doubt he's adding in the spread points. otherwise scores would be looking really wierd, like 22-15. Come on use some of that common sense i know youve got up in that brain of yours...you can do it.

Hey 130 post guy, don't be an a$$. Kleese said he was 70-30 on the season (which is pretty good) and I asked him if that record was for picking the team outright (which I suspect) or picking against the spread.

Jeez, lighten up.

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