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This years San Diego Chargers?


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Is it just me or do the redskins remind you of last years Chargers? Situations are very similar. At Qb Drew Brees had a chip on his shoulder and had something to prove after they went out and drafted a Phillip Rivers and he went out and had a career year. Here in Washington Mark Brunell a joke last year is playing better this year than any of his years with the jaquars. Drew Brees (and LaDanian) turned a team that nobody took serious to the playoffs. They didnt go deep in the playoff but from 4-12 to 12-4 is a big leap. Washington a team that is suprising everyone is the league (not me) was suppose to be at the bottom of the NFC east around this time but are leading the division and might just as well win it with the playing of the offense thanks to Mark Brunell (oh and the D) Washington will be in the playoffs this year just like the Chargers last year but will do much more damage because of the play of the defense. I know people have heard this theory once before but let it be known it will come true :logo:

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I don't wanna be compared to last year's Chargers because well, this year's Chargers kinda suck, and I don't want that to follow in step

I would rather be more like the 2001 Patriots, and we all know what they did over the next 4 years

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