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Somebody help me put this Giants fan in his place


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skins are averageing more pts a game then the giants are, more ypg...defensively give up less ppg and ypg...if he wants us to throw out the SF game, then they can throw out the NO game, and any other game they dominated in. hes not using facts, hes jsu using his opinion...let the game speak for itself..if we dont turn over the ball, we'll win dont worry

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I posted this in another thread

:laugh: The Giants big point total came against just as bad of teams as the 49ers... so if you throw out these games... Their avg point total would be pretty avg. at best. 45 against the Cardinals #25 scoring defense, 44 against the Rams #31 ranked scoring defense, 27 against the Saints # 29 ranked scoring defense :laugh:

BTW the other three games the Giants avg. a whopping 19 points a game

see you can't have it both ways.

Facts. The Skins have the #2 offense in yards, the #2 offense in 3rd down conversion, #3 TOP, Avg 22.5 pts a game, defense allows less than 17.2 a game (#8) and are rank #4 defense in yards... all against top defenses, and before the 49'er game.. the toughest schedule played in the NFC... including 3 road games out of 5.

and that impressive takeaway total is a bit exaggerated as well.. you had 14 in 3 games (4 in a loss to Dallas) And most were gimme's not because the Giants did anything special to force them. Oh and I am sure that extra "home" game hasn't aided the giants one bit :rolleyes: ... considering they are winnless on the road. :laugh:

BTW the Giants defense is #31 in ypg, and #24 in ppg.... :yikes: and they played some crappy teams and have played 4 of 6 games at home

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As with any battle between fans on the net each side only sees what they want to see. The Giants offense has put up a lot of points but it should be noted that the defenses they have faced are giving up on average 2 more points a game than the defenses the Skins have faced.

The Giants fans are also glossing over the fact that they have given up a ton of points to go along with their ton of yards allowed.

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