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Santana Moss Nickname?


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What do you think? We have another thread going right now about whether Moss is a Superstar of the team, a Catalyst for the entire offense, or both. Then someone came up with a name...


Personally, I think its an awesome name, and even though we should wait until the end of the season to be sure it's a perfect fit, I just want to see what everyone thinks.

Good name or bad?

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Nah, let the other players give him a nickname. Supercat sounds like an SNL skit to me. But thats just me. I can see the genius in it and all, but when I picture SuperCat, I picture Santana with a jerrycurl and a red velvit suit and platform shoes with fishbowls in the heel, saving the hood from unsavory charactors all the while bagging tha ho's and livin large.

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