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My wife the Giants fan


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Now comes the weekend I have been looking forward to since last year. Giants! My lovely wife just happens to be a diehard NYG fan. We usually have dueling throw pillow fights during the game although the occasional shoe, boot, glass, dinnerware or unfortunate feline has been known to fly about the room also.

However, this year I happen to be in a little bit of a pickle. While we are merciless in our attacks on each other’s team, I must be “kinder and gentler” this week. For you see, her birthday is Monday and she is celebrating all weekend long. I figure it is going to be painful enough for her to watch her beloved “upper G.I.” men get their butts handed to them in their own stadium without me rubbing rock salt into her wounds as a birthday present. That and I hope to still have physical relations in the near future.

So as you watch the game this weekend please think of poor little me having to contain myself. Scream a little louder, shout a little longer, and sing HTTR a little more triumphantly to make up for enthusiasm I cannot display.

Thank you,


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Pez and I had this situation for the Terps vs Clemson game. I am a diehard Tiger fan and he is a diehard Terps fan. We are still happily married so you can make it through Sunday's game!

Yeah but college is one thing.... Pro is on a completely different level..

Dude you are screwed... suggest watching the game in seperate rooms :laugh:

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