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Seeking FedEx seating advice


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I am purchasing tickets to FedEx for the first time for the Chargers game. I am interested in Club seats in section 337 row 18. What are the Club seats like? (is it worth the money, what is involved with amenities, access to facilities, can you watch the game indoors if the weather sucks...)

Would I be better off in the 200 level?

What is a good parking area? The club seats come with an orange pass.

From one loyal Skins fan to you all....thank you for the help.

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Personally if i had the money, i would buy club seats, they remind me of RFKs upper deck seats.

Yes if its raining you can go inside and keep dry, but the opposing teams offense cant hear you when your inside :D

With club seats you can enter the stadium 2 hours before general admission seats i believe, at least you used to be able to. Also after the game you can stay on the club level and party when general admission ticket holders have to leave. The bathrooms are cleaner.. smaller but cleaner ... and the stores are better than the normal ones, there are a few resturants on the club level with a cigar bar as well. Overall you have a better selection of food(s)

If you buy lower level tickets, could you send me your left over money so i can buy club seats? Oh did i mention i like the club level seats? :laugh:

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