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Mark Brunell has 12 touchdown passes against two interceptions. Who was it that said he was done last year?

Answer: Everyone with an opinion on the subject except Joe Gibbs.

I remember someone posting, maybe around the begining of August, that Brunell was going to take over for Ramsey and lead us into the playoffs. My response was to post a picture of a guy who had keeled over in an uncontrolable fit of laughter.

It's good to be wrong sometimes. :D

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Power rankings: NFC East no longer a gimme for Eagles


Which is the best division in the NFL?

Before the season, a case could be made for several of them. Now there's no doubt. It's the NFC East.

The CBS SportsLine.com Power Rankings reflect it. There are three teams from that division in the top 10 and four in the top 12. The Philadelphia Eagles are at No. 3 with the New York Giants sixth and the Washington Redskins at No. 10. The Cowboys come in at No. 12, but would be in the top 10 if they didn't blow the game last Sunday against Seattle.

They're a Drew Bledsoe bonehead play away from four in the top 10.

Any argument? ( :laugh: yeah.... like Seattle would have quit in overtime)

The consensus among most experts before the season was that the NFC East was Philadelphia and the others, that the Eagles would have a walk to the division title again. Now any one of the four teams can win it.

The Giants are explosive on offense; the Redskins play great defense and quarterback Mark Brunell has emerged as the comeback player of the year; the Cowboys are talented on both sides of the ball -- and they have Bill Parcells.

Count on this: The Eagles will be pushed.

After seeing Philadelphia play last week, it's clear they have issues on offense. They have no running game, Donovan McNabb is reluctant to run with his sports hernia and aside from Terrell Owens there aren't a lot of weapons outside.

Would it really be a shock if the Eagles didn't win the division? The last time a team other than Philadelphia won the NFC East was in 2000 when the Giants won it.

For the first time since then, the Eagles will face a stiff challenge to win it this year. They're still a darn good football team, with a great coaching staff, so if one were picking a favorite right now, the Eagles would still be that team.

It won't be easy, though. The NFC East has grabbed hold as the league's best division, which means there are fierce wars ahead.

The Power Rankings after Week 7:


1 Indianapolis Colts 1

The offense is starting to show signs of really coming to life, which isn't a good thing for the rest of the league. You know they're eyeing the Patriots in two weeks.

2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3

The Chris Simms era begins Sunday for the Bucs. Is it here to stay if he plays well? We think it is. :rolleyes:

3 Philadelphia Eagles 5

They can't run the ball, but with that defense and the short passing game they are still one of the better teams. At some point, though, they have to try and run it. Don't they? :rolleyes:

4 Atlanta Falcons 7

They're winning games, but doesn't the passing game need to get better if they are to get to the Super Bowl? It sure feels that way.

5 Pittsburgh Steelers 9

They are a much different team with Ben Roethlisberger. That much we know. Winning the way they did at Cincinnati says a lot about this team.

6 New York Giants 16

The offense is impressive, but that defense has to play better in the next 10 games if they are to be a playoff team. Eli Manning is the real deal. :laugh:

7 Denver Broncos 2

Blowing a 13-point, fourth-quarter lead to the Giants will sting for a while. Now they get the tough Eagles this week at home. That won't be easy.

8 Jacksonville Jaguars 8

They close out the year with a tissue-soft 10-game schedule. If they don't get to 11-5, it will be a major failure. :rolleyes:

9 Seattle Seahawks 10

It wasn't pretty, but give them credit for finding a way to beat the Cowboys late Sunday. At 5-2, why do you get the feeling that this team still isn't clicking?

10 Washington Redskins 14

Mark Brunell has 12 touchdown passes against two interceptions. Who was it that said he was done last year?

11 Cincinnati Bengals 4

The Steelers taught them a valuable lesson Sunday, which was come back and see us when you're ready to play a physical game. They looked overmatched.

12 Dallas Cowboys 6

The Cowboys flat out blew a game they should have won Sunday. Drew Bledsoe should know better than to make that throw he made late in the game. :rolleyes:

13 Kansas City Chiefs 13

Doing what they did in Miami considering the circumstances was impressive. They will face a testy San Diego team on the road this week. A victory would tell a lot about the Chiefs. :doh:

14 New England Patriots 12

The bye week was probably a good thing for the Patriots as they prepare to face Buffalo this week. Look for the Pats to make a big push the next month and take over the AFC East.

15 Carolina Panthers 15

Coming off the bye week, the Panthers should start to make a real push in the division. They do have to play better on defense.

16 San Diego Chargers 11

This might be the best 3-4 team we've seen in a long time. The Chargers got no favors from the schedule-maker and it might cost them a playoff chance.

17 Chicago Bears 20

Don't look now but the Bears are tied for first in the division. The defense was dominant against the Ravens.

18 St. Louis Rams 21

Mike Martz will miss the rest of the season, and that has to impact this team. Jamie Martin rallied the Rams against the Saints, but now he faces a good Jaguars defense.

19 Detroit Lions 22

Jeff Garcia is 1-0 as a starter, even if he didn't do a lot. The coaching staff got its way in benching Joey Harrington.

20 Oakland Raiders 25

They gave LaMont Jordan the ball and he responded with a big game. That needs to happen more if they want to get back in the playoff hunt.

21 Buffalo Bills 17

That was an ugly performance at Oakland. This is another team that does not give its feature back the ball enough. Willis McGahee should get more carries.

22 Miami Dolphins 18

That early-season success looks like a long time ago now. But this is what we expected from the Dolphins in the first place. The talent isn't there yet.

23 Baltimore Ravens 19

Anthony Wright can't make the plays to win for this team. And the opposing defenses know it, which is why they load up against the run. Did you ever think they'd be yearning for Kyle Boller to come back?

24 Arizona Cardinals 29

This is a team to watch in the next 10 games. They're not out of the playoff race either.

25 Minnesota Vikings 30

They may have saved their season with that long Paul Edinger field goal. Now if they can stay away from those boat cruises they might have a chance to win the bad NFC North.

26 New York Jets 23

So much for Vinny Testaverde getting the passing game going. This team is headed for a long, long season.

27 Cleveland Browns 26

It might be time to go to Charlie Frye at quarterback. All of sudden, Trent Dilfer can't make any plays.

28 New Orleans Saints 28

How much more can go wrong in a season? Now the officials get them two games in a row? They'll soon be counting the days until the end of this season.

29 Tennessee Titans 27

Steve McNair is hurt again, which sucks the life out of this young team. Nothing against Billy Volek, but McNair is the heart of the Titans.

30 Green Bay Packers 24

They've had so many injuries on top of their bad start that it's going to be tough to recover. It's not who's hurt, but who's healthy?

31 San Francisco 49ers 31

There are going to be a lot of days like they had against the Redskins for this team. The key will be how well Mike Nolan holds them together.

32 Houston Texans 32

They don't even try to pass anymore because of their bad offensive line. Maybe it's the only way to keep David Carr alive.

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Power Rankings are worse than the BCS. Tampa at #2 on the CBS Ranking is obsurd. Who have they played? And the Giants at #6 over the Broncos, Bengals, and Jaguars is utterly ridiculous!

When we beat the Giants this week, lets see if they put us at #5 since we beat them..

IDIOCY!! :shot:

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just cause elis is peyton mannings brothers gives cbs the power to place the giants at number 6? plz.. i remember us playing indi.. peyton couldnt read our formations.. elis second yr and will he be able to read our d yet.. heck nah.. we will bring fear into his eyes just like his older bro... lavar is back, more disciplined than ever... only one i got love for is Apiercing.... rest of the giants, will get stomped onlike ants.. 31st d.. haha i guess it wasnt pierce at middle all along. i guess its gregg williams d-calling.... outcome, 31-14 redskins....

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