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Bowen was frightening the first few weeks under Williams last year. If he hadn't been hurt, I think many of us would've been screaming for him to make the pro-bowl. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, I think, quite frankly, a number of posters discount his abilities simply because he's white. I remember threads screaming for Ohalete over Bowen where posters claimed Iffy was faster - which was patently false. Hey, some crackers can run too (ie pre-injury Mr. Angie Harmon).

That said, Bowen doesn't look like the same guy this year, which is not surprising since most guys suffering from an ACL don't get back to full speed until their 2nd year.

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Bowen looks like he is still finding his legs a little out there. I have seen a few plays where the pre-injury Bowen would have gone for a easy int. but goes for the tackle instead. He also still does not take the best angles at times.

He is progressing and will get better.

Clark and the guy who's name I can't spell are pretty darn good also.

I think Clark had a ton of tackles last year, I hope he can get healthy soon

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