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WT: Keeping their balance


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Keeping their balance

By Ryan O'Halloran


October 25, 2005

Plenty of Clinton Portis mixed with a lot of Santana Moss -- that recipe has equaled success for the resurgent Washington Redskins offense this season.

Just as important as the production of Portis and Moss (a combined eight touchdowns) to coach Joe Gibbs is the fact that the Redskins are balancing the run and pass calls. Through six games, they're running on 46.7 percent and passing on 53.3 percent of plays. (excerpt - see Washington Times for full article)

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If the Redskins execute and play mistake free football this week, the Giant defense is going to be dazed and worn out by halftime. With our well balanced offense in high gear the Skins could put up 35+ on em agian. The Redskins have more than 56 reasons that the Giant offense will be stunned into denial. This is the week that the Elite team in the NFL will separate from the pack. Lookout Philly, Tampa, there is more than an overpowering force building up out there. There are Indians on the warpath roaming around out there and they will SCALP YOU !

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