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Any nicknames for the Skins D??


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The Butch and Sundance Defense...as in..."who are those guys?". :logo:

or...The Hydra Defense...cut off one limb and two more take its place. :helmet:

No wait, I got it---The Striker Brigade! who's with me? :) :point2sky

(The Stryker (diff spelling) Brigades are the units built around the Army's newest fighting vehicle and the first ones are home-based close to here at Ft.Lewis)

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I always wanted something like "Imperial Defense" then we could play the imperial march (star wars) when they came out on the field... Kinda geeky.... I know... :laugh:

Not geeky at all if you play Metallica's version of that :D Alot of people havent even heard it lolz

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