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Quote of the day - Mike Ditka


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irvin doesn't have a clue what phisical WR play is about.after all,they've modified the rules of the game to accomodate the passing game.life was a whole lot different for recievers in the 70's and before then.man i was glad to see him break his freakin neck.never could stand him.

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As a side note, Ditka did bust on Irvin pretty good telling him that he wouldn't be able to finish a game if he(Irvin) was playing today.

Ditka: "With the way they call the game today, you'd have so many penalties called on you for pushing off,the coach would have to pull you off the field."

Ditka nailed it........

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The best part was Ditka telling him he couldn't play today because he would be called so much for pushing off.

:applause: :applause: :applause:


Oh, that is golden and absolutely true. No one got more free offensive pass interference calls than Michael Irvin.

It is also funny to hear Irvin talking about being physical on the field to Ditka. What a joke, Ditka could brutalize Irvin now much less back in his prime.

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