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Let me give you an example of why I fully support the Redskins organization. Although they have made mistakes, they run a first class operation and choose first class people to facilitate it.

After some members here complained to Dan Snyder during the online chat on Extremeskins.com the stadium crew increased the number of porta-jons the very next game!

Dan Snyder put a name out there for us to contact to voice our opinions, complaints, suggestions and I contacted Mike Dillow by email as per Snyder's suggestion, - he responded within minutes. I asked for even more porta-jons to be put in the parking lot, specifically F3 and even offered my opinion on where I thought they should put them. I was then copied on his emails to what seemed like the entire chain of command all the way down to the vendor.

When we showed up at the stadium on Sunday morning those porta-jons were exactly where I asked they be put.

People are still going to "go" wherever its convenient no matter what you do... But when asked, this organization stepped up and gave the fans a better choice than going in the woods or walking a few blocks.

I personally would like to thank Mike Dillow for helping out without hesitation! I'm sure there are a few parents, wives, girlfriends, etc. that would like to thank him to! :thumbsup:

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