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last year I called into the John Thompson show and talked to Doc Walker a few times about it, tried to get him to kinda make it his mission to get the word out.....but i dont think he felt comfortable doing that, nothing really materialized.

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Here's the real b@sta@rd of it:

Steve Largent is in the Hall of Hame (deservedly). Here is a comparison:

Receptions - AM = 940 ~~ SL = 819

Yardage - AM = 12,721 ~~ SL = 13,089

Average - AM = 13.5 ~~ SL = 16.0

TDs - AM = 68 ~~ SL = 100

Superbowl Rings - AM = 2* ~~ SL = 0

Based on that, if Steve Largent is an HOFer, shouldn't Art Monk be? Monk has virtually the same yardage and more receptions.

* Actually 3; however, I don't think he played in the SB against the Dolphins. Really, I'm not certain how that works.

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Here's what I could find. You'll have to track down the actually contact info for them. I know Wilbon lobbies hard for Monk and King and Zimmerman are against him. Other than that I don't really know who votes for or against him.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Board of Selectors

Arizona-Andy Bagnato, Arizona Republic

Atlanta-Furman Bisher, The Atlanta Journal

Baltimore-Scott Garceau, WMAR-TV

Buffalo-Mark Gaughan, Buffalo News

Carolina-Charles Chandler, Charlotte Observer

Chicago-Don Pierson, Chicago Tribune*

Cincinnati-Chick Ludwig, Dayton Daily News

Cleveland-Tony Grossi, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dallas-Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News*

Denver-Woodrow Paige, Denver Post

Detroit-Jerry Green, The Detroit News*

Green Bay-Cliff Christl, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Houston-John McClain, Houston Chronicle*

Indianapolis-Mike Chappell, Indianapolis Star

Jacksonville-Sam Kouvaris, WJXT-TV

Kansas City-Bob Gretz, KCFX Overland Park, KS

Miami-Edwin Pope, Miami Herald*

Minnesota-Sid Hartman, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

New England-Ron Borges, Boston Globe

New Orleans-Pete Finney, Times-Picayune

New York (Giants)-Vinny DiTrani, Bergen Record

New York (Jets)-Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated

Oakland-Frank Cooney, The Sports Xchange

Philadelphia-Paul Domowitch, Philadelphia Daily News

Pittsburgh-Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

St. Louis-Bernie Miklasz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

San Diego-Jerry Magee, San Diego Union Tribune*

San Francisco-Ira Miller, San Francisco Chronicle*

Seattle-John Clayton, ESPN/ESPN Magazine

Tampa Bay-Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune

Tennessee-David Climer, The Tennessean

Washington-Len Shapiro, Washington Post*

PFWA-David Elfin, Washington Times

At Large -Jarrett Bell, USA Today

At Large-Dave Goldberg, Associated Press*

At Large -Peter King, Sports Illustrated

At Large-Bob Oates, Los Angeles Times

At Large-Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com

At Large-Mike Wilbon, Washington Post

* Also serves on the Senior Selection Committee.

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Boycott S.I.


SI is no longer a Important sports voice they are aging, overrated, blowhard media company that exist only to sell day to week old news. USA today and the the ESPN's and finally the internet have all porven they can do a better job. I challenge you to name one Relevent Football writer on there staff who isn't to old or only trying to find thier next book to sell

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Boycott S.I.

Yes! First and foremost, bang the drum to anyone that will listen to cancel SI subscriptions and tell them why. Make the effort to write e-mails and actual letters to those concerned, being particularly careful to be clear and polite. Call radio shows, take banners to the game, anything you can think of. This is a worthy cause that needs to be supported by anyone that considers themselves a true Skins fan. Art Monk has been grossly insulted by PK and his cronies strictly because of their own personal bias. This is a discredit to the HOF and to the game itself. Personally, I think he may never make just because the blockheads are so entrenched, but just maybe AM himself might hear about it and know how we the fans still feel. The man was too good for too long, too consistent and too reliable and dammit just too classy for anyone to write him off.

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How about the Hogs? Somehow, the voters decided that putting Riggo in the Hall was good enough, and that he represented the entire offensive line. But that's total bunk, considering that the Hogs won three super bowls, and two after #44 retired. They were the key to the offense during the first Gibbs era, period. If they played for the Cowboys, 49'ers or Steelers they'd all be in Canton. In the very least, Jacoby and Grimm have to be HOF'ers, but it will almost certainly never happen. Well, unless Jacoby gets the gig as one of the MNF broadcasters.

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You can put Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News) in the anti-Monk crowd with Dr. Z and King -- he listed on the newspaper's website a couple of years ago Bob Hayes, Cliff Branch, Otis Taylor, Drew Pearson and Gary Clark ahead of Monk as best WR's not in the HOF. Pastabelly also has been critical of Monk (citing the low ypc argument) and told the St. Petersburg Times (9/5/2003) that "Monk may never get in the HOF".

Bernie Miklasz, John Clayton and John McClain have been supportive of Monk in the past; Wilbon and Shapiro does the Monk presentation at the HOF voting the past few years -- that's 5 yes votes. I have not found any indication on how the other voters feel about Monk. Unfortunately, it only takes 8 votes out of 38 to keep Monk out.

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Monk AND Larry Brown and even Jerry Smith have been overlooked by HOF. Check my story on the Hall of Fame (do search for hall of fame to find the story). I list the members of the select committee. Nag them with e-mails. You can go to the appropriate paper's website, click on "contact us" and they list the reporters. Go to the list of Sports Writers, click on the member of the select committee and let him have it.

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